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A shiny and like-new exterior with a freshly cleaned out interior will have your vehicle looking like it just left the lot! 

Make no mistake, when we say detailing, we're not talking about the “detailing” special at your local car wash where they spend a little extra time running a towel over your door frames and dashboard. We’re talking about a legit, hand crafted, deep cleaning experience; a targeted restorative process designed to make you fall in love with your vehicle all over again. We're talking about a complete detailing from Ziebart. 

At Ziebart, we are crafters of clean and masters of making your vehicle feel like it just “drove off the lot”. When you decide to get your vehicle detailed at Ziebart, here’s what you can expect:

This is going to take some time

Our detailing process is incredibly involved and takes time, usually several hours. It’s tailored to suit what each vehicle needs. Cars and trucks are really big and have loads of intricate nooks and crannies. We won’t move on to the next step until we are satisfied with how everything looks. Don't expect a quick turnaround. 

We recommend dropping your vehicle off on the day of your appointment and having a friend or family member pick you up or borrowing a car. Trust us, the end result is worth this minor setback!

Relax and enjoy the experience!

You'll be surprised at how much a messy vehicle weighs on your mind. Similar to our houses, we spend a lot of time inside our cars and they reflect our time spent in them. However, we usually don't spend nearly the same amount of time keeping our vehicles clean. We know it’s not right, but we push it to the back of our mind. 

When you give your vehicle to Ziebart for a day of deep cleaning and pampering, you'll notice a feeling of peace and relaxation knowing that it’s officially off your never-ending to-do list and out of your mind. Plus the shine from both inside and outside of your vehicle will work in unison to put a well deserved smile on your face!

Prepare to pick your jaw up from the floor!

Our favorite part of the detailing process is seeing our customer’s reaction when they pick up their vehicle. From the classic double-take to the wide-eyed, open mouth stare, we've seen it all. The response we hear the most from our customers is that they feel like they are seeing their vehicle for the first time all over again.