Summer heat impacting cars in South Texas

Ziebart Aug 13, 2021
The August sun is sure to make residents sweat, but it's also causing damage to vehicles.


During the summer, the heat in South Texas can be impactful; on both residents and their vehicles.

"The sun can be just as damaging to our vehicles, as it can be to our skin," said Lily Saenz, a manager at Ziebart in Corpus Christi. "The sun beating down on the interior of your car, that can crack."

From the seats to the tires, Saenz said cars take a beating from sitting in the sun, especially without protection.



"We recommend that the sun visors for the windshields that's very, very important. If you can at least protect your dashboard from cracking, that's a big deal. It also keeps the heat from coming in directly and ruining the interior, such as the leather or even cloth," said Saenz.

Saenz said even additions like window tinting, rust and coat protection are important for cars specifically in South Texas.

"We get a lot of cars that have oxidized. Oxidation meaning that just the clear coat cracking because of a bird dropping or, you know tree sap or any of the environmental elements that might corrode the top layer of your paint job," said Saenz.

She added at times it may be easy to neglect something that is reliable daily, but if you don't take preventative measures now, your car may not be so reliable for long.