Ziebart May 11, 2016

Hear from Thomas E. Wolfe, President/CEO on how Ziebart remains one of the
most celebrated franchise automotive aftermarket brands

Troy, MI, May 3, 2016 - This year, Ziebart, the global leader in automotive detailing, films and protection products celebrates 54 years in the franchising industry. As a member of the International Franchise Association, Ziebart is in the elite top 5% of brands that have sustained and prospered utilizing the franchise business model for over 50 years.

Founded in 1959, the company was named after the German inventor, Kurt Ziebart, the creator of the company’s flagship product rust protection. From its beginnings, the company has been innovative in products it brings to market, the markets that it does business in and the way the company is operated.

“Product development, company acquisition/co-branding and employee-ownership are the key reasons why Ziebart has remained the #1 vehicle appearance and protection brand,” says Thomas E. Wolfe, President/CEO, Ziebart International Corporation.

“We offer a potential franchisee a legacy brand that has successfully continued to adapt our business format to the ever changing needs of consumers. Automotive manufacturers are making advancements to vehicles, but cars still rust, cars still need to be cleaned and people still want to customize their vehicle to express their individual style. That will never change,” says Wolfe.

"As the 2nd largest investment a consumer will make (besides their house), we are seeing 84-month car loans due to increased demand in higher priced SUVs and trucks,” says Wolfe. “With drivers keeping their vehicles for a longer period of time, the interest in products that protect their vehicle’s appearance like Z-Shield® Paint Protection film, undercoating or rust protection are in high demand.” 

“The customer who wants to protect their vehicle, cares a lot about the inside as well. So products like anti-bacterial interior detailing, fabric protection and Germ Defender® are natural, needed products that provide a clean and healthy driving environment.”

“Another product that is key to helping consumers protect their vehicles, is Rhino-Linings® sprayed-on bed liner. Ziebart International Corporation began a co-branding partnership with Rhino-Linings® Corporation in 1999 to offer its customers the #1 brand in sprayed-on bedliners. The partnership with Rhino-Linings® Corporation continues to offer our franchisees another profit center and another lead source for protection minded customers.”

“With strong product diversification, strong brand partnerships and acquisitions of companies that give Ziebart cutting edge understanding of the best technical knowledge of the products and services offered, the last piece that has sustained Ziebart as a leading automotive aftermarket franchised brand is the people, the employees,” says Wolfe. “Ziebart International Corporation is an Employee Stock Ownership Plan company. The employees have a personal vested interest in the company and it shows every day. From sales/marketing to accounting/information technology, every employee is truly dedicated to making sure franchisees continue to own a piece of a strong, relevant brand for years to come.”

Ziebart International Corporation is headquartered in Troy, MI, representing a global franchise network of vehicle protection and appearance services. The company was founded on rust protection in 1959 and operates approximately 400 locations with 800 processing centers in 33 countries. Ziebart is the world’s leading name in automotive services that renew, protect, preserve, and enhance the appearance of cars and trucks. Once known for just rust protection, Ziebart now offers a full line of appearance and protection services for both the interior and exterior of vehicles, including professional detailing, window tint, Z-Shield® paint protection film, and graphics, Rhino-Linings® sprayed-on bed liners and much more. Visit ziebart.com for more information.

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