Ziebart Oct 06, 2014
Ziebart International Corp., the global leader in automotive detailing, films and protection services, is pleased to announce that Rhino Linings® Spray-On Bed Liner product and certified installation services are now available at Ziebart’s newest location in Spokane, WA.

SPOKANE, WA  –  Ziebart International Corp., the global leader in automotive detailingfilms and protection services, is pleased to announce that Rhino Linings® Spray-On Bed Liner product and certified installation services are now available at Ziebart’s newest location in Spokane, WA

“We just had our Grand Opening last month and the response from vehicle owners has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Ziebart storeowner Brian O’Shaughnessey. “We are really happy to offer pick-up truck owners the world’s leading product for bed liner protection against rust, dings and damage from private or commercial use.”

The industry-leading product allows truck owners to customize and protect their truck bed with a Rhino Liner® from Ziebart. Custom bed liners for trucks can be completed in just a few hours with a pre-scheduled appointment. 

Rhino Linings® Spray-On Bed Liners also provide protection on high-wear surface areas for trailers, vans, off-road vehicles, boats, and more. 

Rhino Linings® Spray-On Bed Liner benefits:

  • Bonds directly to your truck bed to form a permanent, watertight/airtight protection against rust and corrosion
  • Prevents water from seeping under the lining, unlike traditional drop-in liners
  • Environmentally friendly and solvent-free so it will resist petroleum products, fertilizer, and most chemicals
  • Won't warp or crack, even under the most rugged conditions
  • Provides a non-skid surface to prevent cargo slide
  • Optional over-the-rail protection is available 

“We have a building that has been totally renovated and designed to perform Professional Detailing, Rust Protection/Undercoating, Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film and now Rhino Linings® Spray-On Bed liner and other services,” said O’Shaughnessey. He said the new store has the capacity to handle eight cars indoors at once for various product applications.


Ziebart of Spokane is located on the corner of 3 West Riverside and 11 North Division and has operating hours 7 am to 6 pm Monday through Friday and Saturday’s 9 am to 2 pm.  

The automotive center has a diversified product offering, including:

  • Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film, an optically clear but extremely tough protection for a vehicle’s most vulnerable areas to prevent paint chips from stones and road debris.
  • Z-Central® technology advanced interior and exterior auto detailing system
  • Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection, “the toughest paint protection on the planet”
  • Ziebart’s exclusive undercoating, abrasion resistant and self-sealing to protect against small road debris.
  • Ziebart total body rust protection, an upper body sealant that penetrates all upper body seams, joints and areas most vulnerable to corrosion along with undercoating.
  • Window tint, cut with our Z-Cutting System® to ensure all film will be cut to the exact specifications of a vehicles windows.
  • Remote start / alarms
  • Windshield chip repair

“People spend a lot of money on their cars, SUV’s and trucks,” said O’Shaughnessey. “Vehicles are a huge investment whether you lease or own. Our mission at Ziebart of Spokane is to give them choices to protect their vehicle and keep it looking like new for as long as they choose to drive it.”

Ziebart International Corporation represents a global franchise network of vehicle appearance and protection services for over 55 years. Kurt Ziebart, the corporation’s late founder, rust protected his first vehicle in 1954 and established the business in Detroit, Michigan in 1959. The corporation currently operates 400 locations in 32 countries with over 800 processing centers worldwide. Ziebart is the world’s leading name in automotive services that protect, preserve and enhance the appearance of cars and trucks.  For location information visit Ziebart.com.