Ziebart Oct 06, 2014
Ziebart rolls out new product introduction to Minnesota market with advertising, direct mail and PR blitz with 50% cash-matching donation to the Wounded Warriors project for each dollar spent on Z-Shield Paint Protection Film.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN  –  Ziebart International Corp., the global leader in automotive detailing, films and protection services, is proud to introduce its proprietary Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film to customers at its stores in the Minneapolis-St. Paul market, it was announced today.

“This is simply the best paint protection film and professional installation process we have ever offered our customers,” said Daniel C. Baker, President of Ziebart Corporation (U.S. subsidiary of Ziebart International). “We have spent years and an unprecedented amount of resources to develop, refine and deliver to our franchisees and our customers Z-Shield® paint protection film. It’s an optically clear film protection for all or any part of your vehicle that is formulated to resist chips and marks from stones and road debris.”

Baker likened the Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film product to a plastic film smartphone protector, except this paint protection film is almost as smart as your phone given its self-healing attributes. He added that with another harsh winter expected this year, this new product can help protect vehicle finishes from road salt, stone chips and other damaging elements.

Ziebart announced that for the week of October 20-25, 2014 they will donate 50 cents of every $1 of Z-Shield Paint Protection Film sales in their Minnesota stores to the Wounded Warrior Project – a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting wounded veterans and their families.  

“Ziebart has made corporate donations to the Wounded Warriors Project in the past and we think this new protection product will generate substantial revenues and people will feel good about protecting their cars and honoring those who protected our nation,” said Baker. “We are honored and excited about this matching program and invite everyone in greater Minneapolis to visit our stores, our website or to donate directly to the WWP.”

Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film battle tested in harsh winter and scorching summer conditions

“We have gone to great lengths to test this product, we have field-tested this product in harsh winter conditions of Minnesota and in the burning heat of Middle Eastern deserts and it has exceeded expectations,” said Baker.  The Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film comes in gauges of .6 mil and .8 mil and carries a national warranty backed by Ziebart.

Baker said the newest .6 mil film has been engineered and manufactured to ‘self-heal’ from minor scratches such as abrasions from automatic car washes and keeps paint finishes looking new. He said the new Z-Shield film is tougher, has UV protecting properties, is optically clear and won’t fade or yellow.

“Our initial products were optically clear, superior to other products on the market but we thought we could make them even better so we delayed the Z-Shield® product launch in Minnesota until now,” he said. “We even conducted customer focus groups to make certain this new film is what customers wanted and is modestly priced based on a customer’s protection needs.”

“With the rising cost of cars and trucks people want to protect their vehicles and keep them looking new to protect their investment and for future re-sale,” said Baker. “Whether its someone’s first car, expensive pick-up truck, a luxury car or sports car, our proprietary products and services will help you protect your baby by keeping it looking new, inside and out,” he added.

Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film is professionally applied by a Ziebart technician.  The proprietary .6 mil or .8 mil film is computer-cut by a plotter that is programmed with the part and shape design of more than 4,000 vehicles. 

Customers may choose to have just the forward or front portions of their vehicle protected by Z-Shield®, the entire hood, doors and many have the rear bumper top done to guard against scratch marks from hauling things in and out of the trunk. Ziebart’s pricing for Z-Shield® allows for customers to choose select areas, bundle or even wrap the entire vehicle if desired. Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film is available at most of Ziebart’s 100 U.S. locations.

To introduce Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film in the Minnesota market, Ziebart has taken out 60-second televised spots to air throughout the fall on ESPN local cable outlets. Ziebart is also placing printed advertising inserts in multiple editions of the Minneapolis Star-Tribune. The company will simultaneously launch direct mail campaigns to new vehicle owners and a public relations initiative to generate awareness for the new products and services Ziebart has to offer.

Ziebart International Corporation represents a global franchise network of vehicle appearance and protection services for over 55 years. Kurt Ziebart, the corporation’s late founder, rust protected his first vehicle in 1954 and established the business in Detroit, Michigan in 1959. The corporation currently operates 400 locations in 32 countries with over 800 processing centers worldwide. Ziebart is the world’s leading name in automotive services that protect, preserve and enhance the appearance of cars and trucks.  For location information visit Ziebart.com.