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Phone: +961-1-885111; +961-4-718995/6
Mobile: +961-3-964446

Walid Yazbeck purchased the Ziebart Master Franchise for Lebanon in 2000. He later formed Automotive Franchising S.A.L. with Simon Barakat. Operating from a purpose built location on Seaside Road in Doura Beirut, they have made Ziebart famous as the place for vehicle owners and car lovers to come to protect and enhance the looks of their vehicles. Offering a unique range of branded luxury car care and protection solutions including Goldcare, Z-tint, Z-Shield and the famous premium Diamond Care service, they have built a reputation for customer care and service second to none.

Ziebart Lebanon offers services for every kind of vehicle from a bike to a Bugatti and a Lada to a Lamborghini. We have cared for and protected every model of luxury vehicle from vintage Ferrari’s to countless Porsche 911’s. Whatever vehicle you have, we have the knowledge, skill, expertise and professionalism to meet your needs.

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