Franchise FAQs

  • Purchasing a Franchise vs. Starting My Own Business

    There are several advantages to purchasing a franchise. The best reason for opening a franchise with Ziebart is our long history of operations. We have over 60 years of brand recognition as well as our experience and the expertise of our organization. In addition, you receive resources and support from us that you won’t get from some other franchise companies. A proven business model is available to you from the very beginning – you will never be left to venture out on your own. So many systems and processes have already been perfected. Ownership of a Ziebart franchise means you are in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

  • What Does it Take to Become a Successful Ziebart Franchisee?

    As with any new business decision, you need to evaluate yourself to determine if you and your financial situation are ready and capable of a long-term business commitment. To increase your chances of success, take the time to explore and evaluate your business goals and personal goals. Use this information to build a comprehensive and thought-out business plan to help you achieve these goals. Keep in mind that opening and managing a business takes motivation, desire, dedication, and strong managerial skills. We will do our part to provide you with the tools you need to get started, as well as provide guidance along the way. However, becoming a successful franchisee is largely up to you.

  • How Long Does it Take to Open a New Ziebart Location?

    Franchise development time will vary by location. It takes approximately three to six months to open a Ziebart store. Starting a franchise begins with finding a suitable site in your chosen market and allowing time for leasehold improvements. Additional factors include acquiring financing, setting up equipment for your store, and completing our training program.
  • What Is the Process to Apply for a Ziebart Franchise?

    Complete an online request to receive more information and a Ziebart Franchise Development Team Member will give you a call regarding your application. 

    After the initial contact, you will receive a personal profile and additional information via email for you to review. Once you’ve completed the personal profile and, want to learn more about joining our franchise system, you will be invited to attend a Ziebart Discovery Day.

    Get started today to begin this process.
  • What Is a Ziebart Master Franchise?

    A master franchise is a franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs interested in owning the sole rights to their prospective country outside of the United States. 

    Ziebart International Corporation has designated specific areas throughout the world as target market development areas based on the demand for Ziebart services. A master franchisee is responsible for developing in conjunction with support from Ziebart International Corporation. 

    A master license owner may choose to develop their chosen country under their own expansion efforts or by offering sub-franchising licenses to build a full network of stores.
  • Which Locations Are Available in the United States?

    Due to the diverse nature of Ziebart’s products and services, virtually any area can be a potential location for a Ziebart franchise as long as there is sufficient population density. 

    When submitting your online request, please indicate your first location choice, and we will work with you individually to determine the options we have available.
  • What is a Ziebart Discovery Day?

    A Ziebart Discovery Day is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself as a potential franchisee and meet our team. We will greet you at the Detroit Metropolitan Airport and then travel to our corporate headquarters in Troy, Michigan. You will spend part of your day at our corporate headquarters getting to know our staff and helping us get to know you. The remainder of your day will be spent visiting company owned Ziebart locations. You will be able to see the operational aspects of the franchise firsthand. At this time, you will be able to ask specific questions prior to entering into a franchise agreement. Should you meet the standards of becoming a Ziebart franchise owner, you may be granted approval in as little as 24 hours after your visit.
  • Will I Be Offered Assistance in Financing My New Ziebart Business?

    We may offer to finance all or a portion of the amounts you will pay us for re-sellable equipment and unopened inventory, which may include a portion of the Start-Up Package. As you are reviewing our franchise opportunity, please visit our Franchise Financing page for more information. 

  • Does Ziebart Offer a Military Discount?

    Yes. Ziebart waives 100% of the initial franchise fee for U.S. Military Veterans.

  • What Type of Training Can I Expect as a Franchisee?

    Ziebart International Corporation is committed to providing our franchisees with all the tools necessary for long-term success. As your store plan and location are being developed, you will be scheduled for an in-depth, eight-week training program to educate you on every facet of owning and operating your Ziebart business. Instructional classes include technical skills, professional sales and marketing, business management, and an in-store experience at one of Ziebart's company-owned locations.
  • Does Ziebart Offer a Support System After Opening My Business?

    In addition to our training programs, Ziebart has a great deal of support to offer in marketing your new business. We provide outstanding marketing support programs to our franchisees, which have been shown to increase store traffic, grow sales, and build lasting relationships with customers. These programs include web-lead generation, email marketing, direct mailing advertisements, corporate promotions, local event planning, and public relations. We will provide you with a website for your location and assist in managing your online promotional offers, internet business listings, social media, online reviews, in-store point-of-sale materials, selling aids, and much more. Our marketing support staff is available to work with you on an individual basis to customize your marketing efforts both online and through traditional media sources. You will be provided an exclusive point-of-sale software program, standardized financial accounting programs, and more to help you run the daily operations of your business while growing a vital database of your customers and their purchases. You will also have direct contact to our entire support staff. They are here to help guide you with the day-to-day operations of your Ziebart franchise, and assist you with sales, account development, marketing, operations, and technical support.

  • Will Ziebart Help With Location Selection for my New Store?

    Yes! We will assist you in gathering and analyzing information relating to area demographics, population, traffic count, growth trends, zoning, and local ordinances. You will receive guidance in determining markets where demand for our products and services are most likely to generate a healthy business environment.
  • What Size Building Do I Need to Open a Ziebart?

    The size of a Ziebart store is typically between 5,000 and 6,500 square feet. Our Franchise Development Team will evaluate each new business location individually to determine its appropriate size.

  • Can I Own More Than One Ziebart Location?

    Absolutely. We welcome expansion of franchise ownership and have specific retail multi-unit opportunities available in both the United States and select global markets. Our business format is designed to meet the needs of our growing entrepreneurs.

  • How Long Will My Ziebart Franchise License Agreement Remain in Effect?

    Your franchise agreement with Ziebart® will have an initial term of ten years, after which you will have the ability to obtain a new contract with us.

  • How Can I Get in Contact With the Corporate Office?

    You can call our toll-free franchise information line Monday-Saturday, 9 AM - 9 PM EST at 248-837-3960 or visit our Request Franchise Information page to send an email directly to our Franchise Department at
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