Why Automotive?

With growth that outpaces other industries, automotive aftermarket offers a multitude of opportunities for franchise business owners.

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Ziebart's focus on automotive appearance and protection provides a profitable niche with services such as detailing, paint correction and protection, window tint, Rhino-Linings® Sprayed-On Bedliner, corrosion protection and a variety of enhancements for vehicles after purchase.

Multiple Channels of Revenue Geared for Success

Our franchise model supports different revenue verticals, allowing for instant cash flow and a quicker break-even timeline.

Your primary revenue streams:



Car Detail Programs

Car Dealer Program

Fleet Program

Fleet Program


Marine/RV Service

Maintenance Program

Maintenance Program


Automotive Aftermarket Categorized as Essential Business

Clean, functioning cars are not a luxury, they are a requirement.

All of our communities rely on automotive transportation to keep our personal lives and economies running. Not only has the automotive aftermarket industry proven itself to be recession/pandemic resistant but has shown growth regardless of the economic state.

Economic Rise

Economic Rise

New car & previously owned car sales continue to climb meaning more new vehicle owners are looking to protect their investment.

Economic Fall

Economic Fall

New car sales stall resulting in owners wanting to protect existing vehicles for a longer period of time.

A Short Drive Home

The automotive aftermarket gives you the opportunity to create your desired work-life balance.

Of course, business ownership allows you the flexibility to create your own schedule based on the operations and staff you have in place. On top of that, the automotive aftermarket runs on a typical business schedule which means no long nights or early mornings and weekends to yourself (if you choose!)

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Drive your Business Coast to Coast or
Keep it Close to Home

The automotive aftermarket industry supports both single
location and multi-location ownership.

An automotive aftermarket business can be successful just about anywhere. With no major
constraints on property, landscape, or competition - if there is a road there is a way.

  • Franchise Ownership
    • Globally Recognized Brand Name
    • Proven Store Operations & Management
    • Lower Upfront Investment Costs
    • Income Diversification
    • Unlimited Growth Potential
    • Economies of Scale
  • Independent Business Ownership
    • Significant Investment in Branding
    • Development of Day-to-Day Operations
    • Greater investment in R & D
    • Typical single stream of income
    • Slower run up to break even
    • Great investment in purchasing
Two People Looking at Car

Leverage Brand Recognition for Quick Success

Whether your customer is a car buff or not, they trust the brands they know.

Consumers often report feelings of distrust and anxiety around car care. Owning a Ziebart franchise brings with it recognition, trust, and loyalty. Not only will your customers have the confidence of a global brand name, they also receive the transparency and trust from a local small business. 

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