Fossil Fuel or Fully Electric? We’re the Automotive Franchise that Doesn’t Care.

Nov 23, 2021

Vehicles are here to stay, and so is Ziebart. It doesn’t matter if a car or truck runs on lithium batteries or unleaded gas; vehicle owners still want to preserve and protect one of their most expensive investments from the harmful elements of the road.

The main materials used to build vehicles – welded steel, galvanized steel, steel weldments, welded steel subframes and cast-iron components – don’t discriminate between gas and electric. Automotive engineers are forever tasked with reducing vehicle weight for better fuel efficiency, but these main parts are at the core of what is used to create mass-produced vehicles. (1) Some components or materials used to build vehicles cannot be altered, or it’s extremely difficult to do so, making the challenge of cutting weight an interesting one…

So, what does this mean? The lithium batteries used in electric vehicles present a challenge in weight reduction due to the density required to deliver an efficient and effective battery. However, in order for electric vehicle manufacturers to mass-produce vehicles that aren’t too expensive for your everyday consumer, they must find a way to better these batteries – because the other materials being used to manufacture vehicles aren’t going anywhere.

EV Car Components
(2) (Key advancements are necessary if EV manufacturers want to position their products as obtainable)

The focus on electric vehicles (EVs) will always be on the batteries being used to power them. Comparing this to combustion engines, the focus has always been on improvements and the engine’s potential. Everyone is so focused on engine performance that the body of the vehicle gets ignored, but not with us. Maintaining and persevering the look and feel of vehicles is what we’ve been focused on for over 60 years.

When it comes down to it, vehicles are still going to rust. Outside of the obvious services that we offer to help with everyday wear and tear, such as interior detailing and exterior detailing, we also offer services that will keep new vehicles looking like new. Electric trucks are still going to have truck beds, and electric sedans will most likely offer a  leather interior option, right?

You truly don’t have to be in the automotive franchising industry to understand any of this. Maybe you’re reading this as someone who owns their own restaurant. Are you prepared for another economic downturn like we just endured? Would you rather be a part of an industry that excelled during that downturn? We did, and apparently it was noticeable.

If you’re worried about the future of vehicles as someone who owns their own shop, then perhaps this is the sign you were looking for to make the switch. You still love vehicles and this industry, but you’re hesitant when thinking about what comes next from a repair service standpoint. Not only will this impact your immediate future, but the future of the people you leave your business to – your sons or daughters, your family and its legacy. Make the best choice for them.

While we do care about the future of car manufacturing, the services we offer don’t care about the shift from gas to electric vehicles. There will still be vehicles, and there will always be a need to preserve and protect them.


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