Ziebart Salutes Franchisees, Veterans & Community in Celebration of 65-Year Legacy and Reveals Future Initiatives

Apr 2, 2024

Automotive Aftercare Franchise Launches Partnership with Born In Detroit & Mission 22, Unveils Museum Exhibit.

Automotive Aftercare Franchise Launches Partnership with Born In Detroit & Mission 22, Unveils Museum Exhibit   

>  Ziebart announces a partnership with Born In Detroit Apparel, LLC, with a specially-branded clothing line available for purchase and all proceeds to be donated to Mission 22 – a national non-profit supporting military veterans & their families.

>  Ziebart unveils a new exhibit of its 65-year history now being featured in the Detroit Historical Museum. Founder Kurt Ziebart’s daughter cut the ribbon in honor of father’s legacy.

>  Ziebart reveals its new advertising campaign, featuring a knight mascot and the new tagline, “Your Vehicle’s Best Defense.”

TROY, Mich. (March 28, 2024) Ziebart International Corporation (Ziebart) – the worldwide leader in premium automotive appearance and protection services for 65 years – marked the milestone anniversary with an announcement of a charitable partnership that will benefit military veterans nationwide, as well as a creative new ad campaign and brand mascot to launch the brand into the future.

Knight_Protecting_CityDuring a celebratory event, Defending Our Legacy: Ziebart’s 65th Anniversary, Ziebart revealed the company’s first ever mascot: A knight in shining armor, standing ready to protect and defend vehicles for the next 65 years and beyond. Along with the knight, comes Ziebart’s new tagline: Your Vehicle’s Best Defense. Both the knight and the tagline will be seen in commercials across the country throughout the year.

“As we mark 65 years of innovation and quality, we extend gratitude to our franchisees, customers, employees and community that kept us successful all these years,” said Thomas A. Wolfe, President and CEO of Ziebart. “Our newly announced charitable partnerships and museum exhibit honoring our founder pay homage to those who got us here. The introduction of our new knight mascot stands as a symbol to the defense every vehicle needs that will carry our franchisees into the future.”

Celebrating Detroit-Roots

Ziebart was founded in Detroit by Kurt Ziebart in 1959. As demand for rustproofing services soared, the brand began franchising in 1963, and quickly expanded service offerings to now include auto detailing, paint correction and protection, window tinting, bed lining, and accessories. Today, Ziebart operates more than 400 locations, with 1,300 service centers in 37 countries.

As a nod to its Detroit-roots, Ziebart announced it is partnering with Born In Detroit Apparel, LLC, a shop dedicated to showcasing the vibrant companies and products that make Motown iconic. Limited-edition, Ziebart-branded Born In Detroit apparel, including T-Shirts, sweatshirts, hats, and tumblers, will be available to purchase through its online store intermittently throughout the year.

“Born In Detroit was founded on a mission to honor the incredible companies and organizations that were built here in Motown,” said Anthony Tomey, CEO of The Tomey Group and Co-Owner of Born In Detroit Apparel, LLC. “From the very invention of rustproofing, to continuing to grow and innovate 65 years later, we are thrilled to partner with Ziebart as the brand furthers Detroit’s legacy as the automotive capital of the country.”

Committed to Supporting U.S. Veterans

The collaboration with Born in Detroit also comes with a charitable component: All proceeds from Born In Detroit’s Ziebart store will be donated to Mission 22, a national veteran non-profit organization that provides support to veterans and their families. Ziebart chose to donate to Mission 22 at the recommendation of Morgantown, VA franchise owner – and Air Force veteran – Nick Lambie. This furthers the brand’s already well-established commitment to supporting U.S. veterans. In fact, as a proud member of VetFran, Ziebart offers a significant military discount, waiving the entire initial franchising fee for veterans. With a third of their U.S. franchise owners coming from military background, both VetFran and Entrepreneur have recognized Ziebart as a top franchise for veterans.

“I’m honored to work for a company that not only makes it possible for veterans to enter the franchising space with ease, but also one that backs causes that are important to their franchise owners,” Lambie said. “I’m proud to support Mission 22, a veteran-found organization that provides invaluable services to veterans and their families, helping to get us through all of the ups and downs that come upon returning home.”

“We are incredibly grateful for Ziebart’s generosity during such a momentous time for the company,” said Nick Ostrowski, Mission 22 Ambassador. “It’s companies like Ziebart, who recognize the challenges many veterans face when re-entering the workforce, that make it possible for organizations like Mission 22 to continue to provide the necessary support to veterans and their families. We’re humbled to have veterans like Nick Lambie in our corner, advocating for those who have served.”

Defending Our Legacy: Ziebart’s 65th Anniversary Event

Ziebart kicked off its 65th Anniversary with a celebratory event at the Detroit Historical Museum on March 28. As guests walked into the America’s Motor City exhibit, they were greeted by Detroit local artist Desiree Kelly, live-painting a mural on a car door, while the University of Michigan’s Victor the Frisbee Dog opened up the event. Company Founder Kurt Ziebart’s daughter, Doris Ziebart-Hagedorn, gave a heartwarming speech about what this milestone means to her and her family, as she and her older siblings watched their father create the art of rustproofing and build Ziebart International Corporation from the ground up. International Franchise Association (IFA) CEO and President Matt Haller also addressed the crowd, recognizing Ziebart as one of the top 100 oldest franchise brands in the world, giving insight into the strength and longevity of a franchise business model.

Capping off the event, was the unveiling of Ziebart’s new exhibit in the Detroit Historical Museum. Wolfe, Ziebart-Hagedorn, and the knight mascot stood together as they cut the ribbon to the exhibit, which features photos and artifacts from the last 65 years of Ziebart’s history. The exhibit will be on display through June.

For more photos, videos, and soundbites from Ziebart’s 65th Anniversary celebration event, please visit the Ziebart Media Room. To purchase items from Born In Detroit’s Ziebart line, visit Born In Detroit – Ziebart Apparel Partnership Supporting Mission 22. For more information on Ziebart, including franchising opportunities, visit ziebart.com.


Founded in 1959, Ziebart International Corporation is the worldwide leader in premium automotive appearance and protection services that extend the life of vehicles. Ziebart operates over 400 locations, with 1,300 service centers, in 37 countries. Ziebart continues to grow and offers domestic and international franchising opportunities, a best-in-class investment for qualified prospects. For more information about Ziebart including franchise opportunities, please visit ziebart.com.

About Born In Detroit Apparel, LLC

Founded in Detroit, Michigan in conjunction with 8 Mile Vodka in 2015, the Born In Detroit tagline that was featured on the 8 Mile Vodka bottle, was then trademarked, and brought to life in 2020. Born In Detroit reflects the vision and passion of two sets of brothers and a close friend, who were all Born in Detroit.  This is not just another apparel company, it’s an apparel company with a cause.  The brand is a way for the community that was born in Motown, part of the big three, or local hard-working families, to show off their stomping ground and pride in their hometown, Detroit. The apparel line features clothing and products showcasing the trademarked Born In Detroit and the ability to customize and collaborate with schools and other brands.  Born In Detroit, along with their sister company, 8 Mile Vodka, supporting their roots, and their community, is something they strive for each day. For additional information on Born In Detroit apparel, please visit www.BornInDetroit.store.

About Tomey Group

The Tomey Group was founded in 2003 by Fawzi Tomey, President, and is family owned and operated, and headquartered in Farmington Hills, Michigan. Siblings, Anthony Tomey; CEO, Michael Tomey, CFO and Christine Tomey, Chief Compliance Officer, along with their uncle Tony Tohme, Chief Administrative Officer, run the daily operations for the group. Opening their first Jimmy Johns location in 2003 in Novi, Michigan, the Tomey Group has expanded and currently owns and operates over 50 Jimmy Johns throughout Southeast Michigan. The Tomey Group are proud of their local roots in Michigan and continue to support the community through charitable initiatives and providing job opportunities to currently over 650 employees. The partners are also co-owners for specific brands that further show their pride and represent their hometown through the award-winning vodka, 8 Mile Vodka and Born In Detroit apparel brand. The mission of the Tomey Group is to provide outstanding customer service, deliver top-quality products and provide a workplace environment that makes each employee feel part of the Tomey family. For additional information about the Tomey Group, please visit www.TomeyGroup.com.


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