Former Air Force Master Sergeant finds the Devil in the Detail at Ziebart

Aug 1, 2023

As seen in Homeland Magazine

Whether you’re detailing vehicles or managing aircraft missions for the military, you’re going to need a keen eye for detail, a cool intellect, and a dedication to the craft. Luckily for former Air Force E-7 MSG Nick Lambie, he maintains all of those qualities and continues to use them as a franchise owner of Ziebart, a category leader in premium automotive appearance and protection services.

Lambie’s military background has heavily influenced his journey toward owning his own business. With a family history of military service, Nick was drawn to the Air Force and chose to enlist after touring an Air Force base while in high school. He served as a Command & Control Battlefield Management Operator and Surveillance Technician, managing airborne aircraft missions and supporting operations in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria. Nick's experience also included supporting air movements over high-profile events, including Air Force One.

Nick left active duty in 2017 and, though he continues to serve for the New York Air National Guard, it was during this time that Nick started planning to open his own business. Alongside his twin brother, Mark, Nick was drawn to Ziebart, a franchise they had previously used and admired for its products and customer service.

“When I was looking for a different career, we saw Ziebart as an option because it was something that was missing, service-wise, in our home town,” Lambie said. “When we met the headquarters team, they were so passionate and even though some of them had been there 20-plus years, they had the same energy like it was their first day. That’s when we knew it was a great fit.”

Lambie opened his first location in Morgantown, WV in 2019 and has been off to the races ever since, even signing on to open a second location in nearby Bridgeport, WV. His military experience has played a significant role in his approach to business ownership. He credits the Air Force with teaching him leadership skills, how to manage and mentor people, and the importance of paying attention to detail. He takes pride in upholding the same level of excellence in his business that he did in the Air Force.

“Both serving in the military and entrepreneurship are challenging in their own right,” Lambie said. “One of the many lessons I learned serving with the U.S. Air Force was to take care of those around you, and they’ll take care of you in return. That message sits at the core of why I got into entrepreneurship in the first place and it’s an honor to wake up every day and be able to provide Ziebart’s quality service to my community.”

Nick's story is a shining example of how military experience can translate to success in business ownership. His passion for serving his community and providing the best possible service to his customers is a testament to his dedication to excellence.

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