Fairborn, OH franchisee honored with 45 Years of Service Award

Jul 20, 2023

Worldwide automotive appearance and protection leader Ziebart recently honored its Fairborn, Ohio location for 45 years of service.

As seen in the Fairborn Daily Herald

Worldwide automotive company Ziebart recently honored its Fairborn location for 45 years of service.

The Fairborn location is one of the brand’s longest-standing locations in the world and was recognized for its near half-century of service in Detroit for the award ceremony.

Ziebart Fairborn Award Pic“The significance of legacy comes to mind when I reflect on the time Ziebart has been serving the Fairborn community,” said Thomas A. Wolfe, president & chief executive officer of Ziebart International Corporation. “It’s a legacy where the most defining qualities are not necessarily the growth of the brand, but rather, the growth of the city, its population, the economy, its auto care needs, and the role Ziebart has been able to play in supporting the community’s development for nearly half-a-century.”

Ziebart was founded in 1959, and it’s Fairborn location opened in 1978. The company operates more than 400 locations across the world, with 1,300 service centers.

“Especially back in the 1970s, Fairborn was a crucial component in Ziebart’s long-term vision for sustaining growth in southwest Ohio. And to acknowledge how well that vision has panned out 45 years later was absolutely worthwhile at this year’s franchise conference,” said Jason Theisen, Ziebart’s vice president of U.S. Franchise Operations.

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