Ziebart Awards 30 Year and 35 Year Service Award to Indianapolis, IN and Dayton, OH Franchisee

Feb 13, 2020

Ziebart awarded Jim Harris of Indianapolis, IN and Dayton, OH with both a 30 Year and 35 Year Service Award as a thank you for his dedication to the company. Without the hard work of franchisees like Jim, Ziebart would not have the rich, 60-year history that it does today.
TROY, Mich., June 27, 2019 -- Ziebart, the global leader in automotive appearance and protection services, awarded the 30 Year and 35 Year Service Award to Jim Harris of Indianapolis, IN and Dayton, OH at their recent Owner's Meeting in Detroit.

Ziebart franchise 30 and 35 years of service

Ziebart Service Awards recognize a dealer's years of service as a Ziebart owner and operator in their local community.

"We are beyond grateful for all the hard work Jim Harris has done to support the Ziebart vision of being the preferred choice for automotive appearance and protection services. Our brand is celebrating 60 years and it's because of them. We recognize and celebrate the achievements of our franchisees that work day-in and day-out to preserve and continue our brand's legacy. We congratulate all of the award winners and wish them continued success," says Thomas E. Wolfe, President/CEO of Ziebart International Corporation

About Ziebart®
Ziebart International Corporation is headquartered in Troy, MI, representing a global franchise network of vehicle protection and appearance services. Founded in 1959, the company was named after the German inventor, Kurt Ziebart, the creator of the company's flagship product rust protection. From its beginning, the company has been innovative in the products it brings to market, the markets that it does business in, and the way the company is operated. As a member of the International Franchise Association, Ziebart is in the elite top 5% of brands that have sustained and prospered utilizing the franchise business model for over 60 years. Ziebart currently operates approximately 400 licensed locations with over 1,000 service centers in 34 countries. Ziebart is the world's leading name in automotive services that renew, protect, preserve, and enhance the appearance of cars and trucks. 

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