Family Legacy Planning with a Ziebart Franchise

Family Legacy Planning with a Ziebart Franchise

September 19, 2022

Family Legacy FL85

With an emotional connection to your family and your business, it only makes sense to want to combine them.

The pride that comes with creating a generational legacy success story is one of our core brand values, and for over 60 years we’ve seen countless success stories of parents passing their Ziebart franchises down to their sons or daughters.

Family Legacy SC55“I’m fortunate being able to work with my son, having him be able to step out of college right into a career for himself,” said Bob Morris, owner of Ziebart of Irmo, South Carolina. “(With) my son finishing up college and knowing he was a car enthusiast, I really wanted to create a legacy business just for the family.”

“Me and my dad have a good relationship, “said Morris’s son, Cooper. “(My dad) enjoys doing this, but he did it for me too, and for me to pass it down to hopefully my kids one day.”

It’s our goal to make your path to franchise ownership as seamless as possible. Ziebart’s franchise development staff, along with all other department members at our corporate headquarters, will be with you every step of the way in your journey toward opening the family legacy business of your dreams.

Family Legacy MattiaciosWe understand the hard work and immense pride a family has when they work together to fulfill their dreams, and we encourage you to learn more about how we have helped our current franchise owners fulfill their goals of a family-owned business.

Our Ziebart family is always growing, and we want you to be a part of it! Take the leap and start building your legacy today. 

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