The Ziebart Difference

Sep 14, 2021

We’ve built the teams and the tools necessary to help you run a successful franchise operation. With Ziebart, you’re in business for yourself, but never by yourself.

Franchising should not be a set-it-and-forget-it endeavor for those wanting to start their own business. The franchise model itself is unique because it offers prospects a bevy of tools and teams at their disposal, ready to work to help them succeed. We know that and we have dedicated ourselves to supporting our franchisees by creating those tools and teams in-house. When the franchisee can better focus more on their operation, their customers are better taken care of. We don’t just talk the talk either. Check out for yourself some of the key programs we have assembled to help promote the Ziebart Difference.


Financing - We will put you in contact with proper individuals and help guide you through the loan process. We work with FranFund, a member of the IFA, who specializes specifically in franchisee funding. They will assist you with SBA loans or with your local bank.


Sales and Technical Support Our technicians have extensive experience in all services Ziebart offers. They will train you and your employees on all services. We can set up in-store training days or have your team come out to our corporate training center in Michigan to work in our training bay. The help doesn’t end with just the training though. Our technical support team is on standby for any questions you may have, especially during the early stages of your new store opening. Have a technical question regarding a service? Call us! We understand that the customer experience is the most important factor in any business, and the customer experience starts with the quality of the services they receive. That customer experience starts from the moment they agree to services until you walk them around their vehicle, showing off the terrific work that has been done. Our sales team will work with you to better explain the high touch system and how to better increase your average ticket price. On-site certifications are given out to stores and their employees as well. 


Account Development – Another terrific opportunity unique to Ziebart is working with new/used car dealerships as well as providing services for fleet accounts. We will help you develop contacts and establish service agreements. We currently have over 600 active car dealer partnerships. As part of the associate/fleet account development process, you will have a terrific avenue into obtaining new customers and retaining those customers through maintenance services.


Marketing - From the moment you say go, our marketing team will provide you with the advertising you need to run a successful store.

•Grand Opening Coordination and Planning

•In-store Décor

•Brand Standards

•Digital Advertising (PPC)

•Customer Profiles

•Social Media Management and Advertising

•Customer Retention Marketing (CRM)

•Reminder Card Program

•In-house Creative Team

•Lead Generation

•Email Campaigns

•Local Listings Management

•Online Reviews/Reputation Management

•Posters, Showroom Digital Displays, and Sell Sheets

•On-hold Messaging

•VIP Discount Program

•Ziebart Credit Card

•Gift Cards

Our team is dedicated to our franchisees, and we have the experience to know what it takes to make our stores successful.


Operations - We start by helping identify what property is best for your specific location. Whether a new building or existing building is the best fit to begin your operation, we are there to help. Whether you intend to purchase the building or lease it, we are there to help. Our operations team will not stop working with you until you are 100% comfortable with your location choice. Once the building is selected, our team then helps build your store from the inside out. Including service bays, installing specialized tools and components, designing your showroom, adding décor, signage, and reader boards.


Training – Our entire corporate team is here to help with anything you can think of in order to make your store a success. Training is not limited to only service and technical training; we will work with you in every aspect of what it takes to run a successful store. For one week, you will experience another Ziebart store to better understand how it operates. You will then be invited to our Ziebart International World Headquarters in Troy, MI for sales and management training.

We offer two- or three-week training periods for each service that we offer. All services will also be a part of a yearly training schedule that any franchisee can attend at their own convenience. This is a refresher course for current employees and training for new employees. We believe that the best way to learn is the hands-on approach and we do whatever we can to ensure your employees are professionally trained.


Proprietary Software - Our I.T. team has designed proprietary software to help better understand our customers as well as reach out to our current customers regarding their services. Maintenance reminders and service appointment reminders are automated, so you never have to worry about reaching out to your customer to remind them of their scheduled appointment. Not only does our I.T. make customer retention easier, but the in-store software, iBart, is also proprietary and managed by them as well. Service scheduling, pricing, bay scheduling, anything you need to run the day-to-day operations for your store has already been built out for you so that you can focus on the success of your store.

Starting your own business is chaotic, stressful, full of surprises and requires a great amount of deliberation. Even with franchising, no matter how well recognized the brand name is, building and maintaining a business is challenging. We know that and we completely understand it. Our position is that at Ziebart - you’re in business for yourself, but never by yourself. We live and breathe that credo. It’s what makes a Ziebart franchise successful and it’s what motivates us. Everything we build, everything we offer, is designed to help our franchise owners grow and maintain a successful operation.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Start Your Engines
We’re here to answer all your questions and walk you through the process of becoming a Ziebart owner. No commitment is required!