Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film

If you want to keep your car or truck safe on the road, Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film is a must.  Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film helps defend vulnerable parts of your automobile by acting as a buffer between your vehicle’s showroom-quality paint job and the hazards the road throws at you.  Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film is optically clear, virtually invisible protection for your vehicle.  It is similar to a smartphone screen protector but for your car.

A transparent paint shield
Using our patented Z-Cutting System®, Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film is cut to your vehicle’s exact specifications ensuring optimal coverage.  Our highly trained certified technician’s will apply it to your vehicle’s most vulnerable surfaces, preventing the wide assortment of scratches, nicks and scrapes that your vehicle may encounter.  Backed by an industry-leading warranty, Z-Shield Paint Protection Film is tough protection guaranteed not to yellow, crack or peel leaving your vehicle looking as good as the day it was applied and it can be removed if needed.

Paint protection film: preventing scratches from mile one
For more information on having a highly trained Ziebart technician apply paint protection film to your car or truck, contact your local franchise today.

Don’t forget to ask about…combining Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film with Ziebart’s exclusive Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection to provide the ultimate in paint protection. Keep your vehicle looking great for as long as you own it!