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  • National Car Care Month with Ziebart

    by Z Team | Apr 08, 2014
    Now that we are well into April, many people will be getting ready to cross items off of their to-do lists and improve the appearance of their homes. However, what people often fail to remember is that their vehicle bore the brunt of this nasty winter. A car or truck is often the second biggest investment for people, yet that investment often gets mistakenly overlooked for spring cleaning. 

    Since April is National Car Care Month, we have identified three ways that Ziebart can take care of your vehicle and make it look its best!
    1. Remove the Salt: 
      Record setting levels of salt were poured onto the roads this past winter. This means that your car has been exposed to ridiculously high levels of salt. Having your vehicle’s exterior detailed with Ziebart will ensure that the road salt will be removed before it accelerates corrosion.
    2. Out with the old:
      Be honest; the inside of your car has probably seen better days. Between the road salt on your floor mats, spilled coffee in your cup holder, and a dashboard that hasn’t been wiped or sanitized in who knows how long, your interior is ready for a good scrubbing. With a Ziebart interior detailing, our professional detailers will go through your vehicle’s interior with a fine tooth comb and ensure that every nook and cranny is clean and sanitized. 
    3. Shield your car from debris:
      If you look on the side of the road, you’ll probably notice there is a ton of loose debris created by plow trucks. Every particle and pebble is a potential paint chip waiting to happen. This is where our Z-Shield Paint Protection Film comes into play. Z-Shield will protect your car’s paint from high speed debris that will inevitably get kicked up on your car from other drivers.
    These three simple items will give you peace of mind and make your ride feel like a brand new vehicle. Be sure to talk with your local Ziebart and find out how we can help you take extra care of your car or truck during National Car Care Month! 
  • What is Auto Detailing?

    by Z Team | Mar 27, 2014

    It’s an important question that vehicle owners might ask themselves: which option is the best for having my car looking, and feeling, as good as it deserves? While the corner car wash might try to entice you with a quick run through their machines, the truth is that your vehicle deserves better. That’s where auto detailing enters the picture. To help you make the right decision for your car or truck, Ziebart is here to help provide clarity and answer, “what is auto detailing?”

    At its core, auto detailing involves an effective, in-depth cleaning of a vehicle’s interior and/or exterior. For the interior, we use specialized processes, professional grade cleaning chemicals and tools which are capable of getting into all of your vehicle’s “nooks and crannies”. The experts at Ziebart leave no stone unturned. 

    Auto detailing can also leave a lasting impact on your vehicle’s exterior. Effective detailing goes beyond the standard “car wash clean”. It involves the use of special equipment designed to maximize results and help ensure that your car or truck shines bright. Car washes can leave unwanted swirls and scratches with their dirty brushes. However, Ziebart technicians will ensure that your vehicle’s paint is left looking better than ever. 

    The following video helps capture the various steps involved in the auto detailing process:

    Ziebart also offers a variety of enhanced services, including Germ Defender, which will provide an additional layer of protection and peace of mind to you and your passengers. 

    So what is auto detailing from Ziebart? A chance to enjoy the feeling of a brand new vehicle again… and again… and again. No matter if you had your car stored until spring or have been driving it every day, the refresh provided by our auto detailing experts will breathe new life into your vehicle. Visit any of our Ziebart locations to find out more about what detailing can do for you. 

  • Spring Car Tips for a Better Commute

    by Z Team | Mar 20, 2014

    Warmer weather is a welcome sign for all of us who have faced a rough winter. With the prospect of driving with the windows down and not needing to start your car before your morning drive, spring is tantalizingly close. In honor of spring’s arrival, we have put together several spring car tips to help you avoid problems and enjoy having winter in the rear-view mirror.

    One of the easiest spring car tips to implement immediately is cleaning. Take a trash bag with you to your car and clean out underneath your seats, in your trunk, along the door jams and anywhere else where winter’s trash may have invaded your vehicle. You can bring your car into any of our Ziebart locations to have a professional erase winter’s mark on the interior and exterior of your car as well. By getting your car clean before the warm weather comes, you can enjoy future drives that much more.

    Another simple and effective spring car tip to put into effect is to establish a list of essential items to stock in your vehicle. This list should include items like engine coolant, motor oil, wiper fluid, tire plugs and pump, a simple tool kit, jumper cables, a tarp, hand sanitizer, tissues, and writing supplies (essential in the event of an accident). Be sure to keep these items in an easy to access container in your vehicle! 

    Whether you have had your car in storage or weathered the winter with it every day, be sure to start your spring off right and have a bumper-to-bumper assessment done on it. By taking your vehicle in for a maintenance check, you can find out what damage the winter may have brought on, as well as attend to any repairs or replacement part needs early on in the year. This includes any windshield repair you may need due to the potholes and road debris that are a mainstay of winter and spring.

    While winter has its own driving challenges, spring can also make the roads unpredictable and dangerous. As April showers approach, be sure to go over these safety tips about how to handle driving in the rain and controlling your vehicle while hydroplaning. No matter how many years you have been on the road, there is always something to be gained by reviewing spring driving tips!

    Though these are just a few of the various spring car care tips you can utilize, there’s no limit to the number of improvements and customizations you can make to your car or truck. For more information about what you can do for your vehicle this spring, visit a Ziebart location to speak with a car care expert today.
  • Car Mess: Cleaning Up Life’s Auto Mishaps

    by Z Team | Mar 13, 2014
    Spills happen. From an unsecured drive-thru drink lid to your niece’s cereal snack, even with the best intentions you can find a car mess on your hands. If you are on a roadtrip, or even on your way to work, you may not have too many options for cleaning up. While you should always go to the pros (us!) for help, here are some quick tips for cleaning up in a pinch that can help limit the problem until you can get a more complete solution. 

    The most common car mess that you are probably facing right now is the rock-salt and winter crud covering the exterior of your vehicle. Over time, the sludge and crud can lock onto your car and look awful. Pushing yourself to regularly use a simple touchless car wash can temporarily renew your car or truck’s looks while also helping prevent immediate salt damage. As we have noted, a car wash isn’t a complete solution for avoiding rust damage but it can definitely help in the short-term to remove salt and clean up the road’s mess.

    To clean up spills and stains, you should check the manufacturer's recommendations to your interior. However, there is an assortment of different methods to get a variety of stains out. The fact remains that taking action is key to limit the damage of a spill. For the best results, though, visit a Ziebart location and speak with one of our trained technicians on what cleaning options we can provide to help erase the mess.

    One car mess that can be quite unforgiving is the smell left behind by food that’s been… left behind. The residual odor of old takeout or a dropped snack can quickly spoil your morning commute. Eliminating the odor in your car does not have to take forever and can be done with a little bit of effort and the right tools (or cleaning supplies in this case). If you find yourself overmatched, you can always come by one of our stores and let the pros help you fight back against an unwanted smell. 

    Our auto detailing options take the sting out of car messes mentioned above and more, helping your car look as great as it deserves. Ziebart specialists can help you with interior and exterior detailing solutions, putting you back on the road with confidence in your vehicle. Spills happen and, for some, a little bit of research and ingenuity can help prevent damage. Rest easy, though, that for messes involving more than just a mild challenge, Ziebart has you covered.

    * Check your owners manual for fabric and leather care tips and warnings prior to treating surfaces. 

  • Winter Potholes and Windshield Chip Repair

    by Z Team | Mar 05, 2014

    If you live in a colder part of the U.S., your morning commute is likely filled with one of the hazards of winter: potholes. Potholes are caused by shifts in temperature and moisture. These concrete craters can lead to a jarring wake-up or, for some people, road debris hitting their vehicle. While our paint protection film can help prevent damage to the body of your car or truck, your windshield may not be so lucky. If you have suffered glass damage this winter from a pothole, it’s important to take your car or truck in for a windshield chip repair before it requires full replacement.

    A windshield chip is a small break in your glass that has bigger implications. Because the glass has been weakened, a change in temperature or pressure on the glass can transform a chip into a major crack. This is why it’s critical to get a chip repaired as soon as possible.    

    Quick changes in temperature can cause glass to expand and contract in a way that can turn a small chip into a major crack overnight. If your car or truck has fallen victim to a random rock or piece of road, bring it to a local Ziebart location for a windshield chip repair. Jumping on the chip early can lead to major savings, be it from a waived deductible (by most insurance companies – see your policy for coverage) or saving you the cost of replacing your windshield.


    Next time you get behind the wheel and see a pothole, be sure that you carefully avoid it for the sake of your whole vehicle. However, if you do find yourself the victim of a damaged windshield, be proactive in getting a windshield chip repair done as soon as possible. Your car, and wallet, will thank you!

  • Remote Starters for Winter and Spring

    by Z Team | Feb 25, 2014

    As you have undoubtedly noticed, the morning commute can be an extremely cold start to your day. Between the cold seat, the chilly air and ice-covered windows, you're probably wishing for a solution. Instead of shopping for a new vehicle, remote starters are a fast and cost effective solution to your winter blues.

    With a wide assortment of models out there, remote starters can seem difficult to navigate for the best deal with the right features. We previously highlighted remote starter information you should use when making a purchase. Three key components to look for in quality remote starters include the ability to:

    • Open your trunk and lock (and unlock) your doors
    • Locate your vehicle using the ‘horn’ feature
    • Turn your vehicle on or off from a reasonable distance

    The horn feature can be very important in the winter and spring as the weather remains colder than desirable and makes for an unwelcome ‘search’ period in your grocery store or shopping center parking lot.

    Remote starters aren’t just for cold, dreary days. In the spring and summer, just as you would set your vehicle’s fan to high heat to get your car or truck warmed up, you can also have it set to turn on the air conditioning. This allows for a cool and comfortable ride.

    Find out more about Ziebart remote starters and which model best fits your unique needs by speaking with a knowledgeable professional at your nearest Ziebart location.

  • Spring Break Driving Tips from Ziebart

    by Z Team | Feb 20, 2014

    If there’s one good thing coming out of winter, it’s that vacation season is right around the corner for students and families alike. Spring Break means an opportunity to put a pause on winter and enjoy time in a place far-away, preferably warm. With airfare prices continuing to rise, driving to your destination is the next best solution and is the basis for our Spring Break driving tips when planning your escape.

    Any time that you plan on driving significant miles with your vehicle, it is important to be sure it will be able to take you where you are going (and back). Having a mechanic do a full diagnosis of your car or truck is important before any long distance trip and is perhaps the most important Spring Break driving tip to follow. Check your tires and breaks for wear and tare and get your oil changed before you jump behind the wheel for the long haul. 


    If you are traveling with friends, finding out who is willing to drive and for how long is something to get out of the way before the trip. This can help avoid frustration of having one driver do too much work, as well as avoiding the danger of fatigued driving.

    Before taking off for your Spring Break, consider getting your car or truck protected from the worst the road has to offer. Paint protection film and Sound Deadener can help keep your vehicle looking great and lessen the noise on the open road. Window tint can also help you avoid uneven tan lines from driving, as well as kill the glare for passengers.

    Finally, be sure to make extra copies of your car or truck’s key. By having more than one in your party, you can avoid an “oops” moment that would put a halt on your trip.

    These are just a few Spring Break driving tips that you might come across while preparing for your journey. We hope that they help you enjoy your escape out on the open road. Have a great Spring Break and be sure to get your car or truck’s interior detailed after you get back to help clean up any spills or messes that may have occurred on your trip!

  • Road Salt: Why Car Washes Aren’t Enough

    by Z Team | Feb 18, 2014

    2014 has been a winter for the record books. Between the Polar Vortex, record breaking snowfall and extreme temperatures, one thing is guaranteed: your car has been bombarded with road salt.

    It’s a common belief with car owners that running a car through the local $5 car wash is effective in preventing road salt damage and will keep your car or truck protected.  While weekly car washes are great, it doesn’t change the fact that, without taking the proper precautions, road salt damage will still occur.

    A Salty Solution

    It’s basic chemistry, salt dissolves in water.  If you drove your vehicle over a wet road or sloshed through a puddle this winter, you have exposed your car to road salt damage. What’s worse, salt water (as opposed to rock salt) can creep into the nooks and crannies that most car washes simply can’t reach or that they would never think to clean. Luckily for you, Ziebart has been successfully combating road salt damage for over half a century with services like Exterior Detailing,Undercoating, and Rust Protection

    Peppered With Salt

    Getting road salt damage in your undercarriage isn’t the only winter threat on the roads. As the salt trucks come toward you in the other lane, your vehicle is vulnerable to the rock salt being thrown at extreme rates (and high speeds). Solid rock salt colliding with your vehicle at 110 mph is bound to make some scratches. Avoid road salt scratches with Ziebart Paint Protection Film.

    An Inside Job

    Salt doesn’t have to attack your car from the outside. Chances are, salt has been tracked into your car from your shoes, jacket, ice scraper and more. Once this road salt dissolves, gravity is going to push salt water down through your carpet and begin working its corrosive charm on your floor panels. Ziebart Interior Detailing is a great way to stop the road salt from destroying your car from the inside, as well as make your vehicle look good as new for your daily commute.  

    If you want to know how you can further protect your vehicle from salt damage (beyond a weekly car wash), contact your local Ziebart franchise!

  • Valentine’s Day Gifts for Car Lovers

    by Z Team | Feb 11, 2014

    Giving the perfect Valentine’s Day gift can be a difficult task. If your Valentine is a car lover (or maybe your Valentine is your car, we’re not judging), your hunt for the perfect gift just got a little bit easier. We compiled a list of Ziebart gift ideas that will thrill that special someone in your life!

    No one likes driving in a freezing cold car. Let your Valentine know you’re looking out for them and keep them warm from a distance with a professionally installed remote starter.

    Does your Valentine drive the little ones around? Germ Defender® is a great way to keep them healthy and protected from dangerous illnesses.

    Maybe hauling the tikes to hockey practice or taking Fido to the groomer has left their car’s interior “less than desirable.” Help them fall in love with their ride all over again with our interior detailing package.

    Looking for something a little spicier? Borrow your loved one’s car for a few hours and spice it up with our professional window tinting service, paint protection film, or exterior detailing services; it will look like a new car again!

    We haven’t forgotten about the truck lovers out there. We carry a variety of automotive accessories, including trailer hitches, step bars and more.  You could even spoil the surprise and propose a spray on bed liner as a heartfelt way to keep their truck bed protected (and looking great)!

    When all else fails, one simple and effective gift for car lovers is a Ziebart gift certificate. Since it can be applied to any Ziebart product or service, a Ziebart gift certificate is a perfect fit for your Valentine.

    Valentine’s Day is all about falling in love. These Ziebart gifts for car lovers are sure to reignite your Valentine’s passion for their vehicle and will let them know you’re thinking about them.

  • 10 Items to Get Your Car Prepared for Winter

    by Z Team | Feb 10, 2014

    The extreme cold weather that has hit much of the United States recently has caught plenty of businesses and people off-guard. Without preparation, many drivers found themselves stranded at home or on the road. Although you cannot prepare for every severe weather storm, we believe you can get your truck or car prepared for winter with several items set aside in your trunk.

    Every well prepared car should have an ice scraper, gloves and spare windshield wiper fluid somewhere in it. Each of these items will help ensure your view is clear after a sudden.

    While everyone’s parents likely told them there’s something to be said about having cat litter in your trunk due to the traction it provides, sand can be used just as well. If the storm was bad, you may not get out of a winter predicament no matter how many bags you have in there. This makes road flares, a flashlight and a small snow shovel invaluable. These items will help other drivers see you while you try to dig out, while also keeping you prepared if you find yourself stuck at night.

    Just in case you are left waiting for a tow truck or friend to help you out, consider getting your car prepared for winter by throwing some granola bars or other small foods that will stay good for several months (i.e. peanuts, pretzels, etc.).  While you’re waiting, you will likely enjoy a blanket and an extra pair of boots and gloves in case you need to conserve gas over time. Without knowing how long you’ll be waiting, a plugin car charger or portable external battery charger for your cell phone can keep you in touch until help arrives.

    Nobody wants to think about getting stranded on the road during the winter, but a small amount of preparation can make all the difference in turning around an unfortunate situation. Take just a few minutes this weekend to get your car prepared for winter and you can drive with a little more peace of mind.
  • Combat Winter Germs with Germ Defender

    by Z Team | Jan 31, 2014

    There are a variety of things that cold weather brings to the roads of the U.S.: ice, salt, road delays and more. While our rust protection services can help protect you from salt corrosion, and Z-Shield paint protection film will avoid scratches, what about the interior of your car?

    In light of the “Polar Vortex”, it is only a matter of time before the telltale sniffles in your home or office indicate that Cold Season is upon us. Though there are a number of products on the market aimed at keeping your vitamin levels up or your hands bacteria-free, there are still places for germs to exist. One of those places is your vehicle. Enter Germ Defender®.

    A cleaner commute.
    Aimed at keeping your vehicle a safe haven for you and your family, Germ Defender® is an effective, non-toxic, long-lasting protection for your interior. Germ Defender® serves as a microscopic ‘bed of nails,’ puncturing the cell walls of microbes, stopping germs in their tracks and saving your immune system. With a treatment of Germ Defender®, your car or truck will be protected against

    • MRSA
    • Staph
    • Type A Influenza (Swine Flu)
    • E. coli
    • Salmonella
    • Ringworm
    • Mold
    • Mildew
    • H1N1
    • Shigellosis 
    • And more!

    Invisible protection
    Odorless and colorless, Germ Defender® works silently on your vehicle’s interior. Most importantly, Germ Defender® is non-toxic and has received EPA approval to last a minimum of 90 days, no matter how much it’s rubbed or wiped. In fact, Germ Defender’s® effectiveness is maximized through normal cleaning.  No matter how much you use your car this holiday season, you and your passengers will be protected.

    Protection through the winter
    While effective in all seasons, Germ Defender® is a great way to help fight against a variety of colds you will come into contact with this winter. Safe for kids and pets immediately after application, there is no delay keeping you from visiting your local Ziebart franchise to discuss your auto detailing and Germ Defender® options today.

  • What to Expect from Ziebart at NADA

    by Z Team | Jan 22, 2014

    We are thrilled to be attending the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) annual convention in New Orleans this year! The NADA Convention and Expo, running January 24-27, is attended by industry experts and dealership owners from across the country, all looking to discuss the latest in automotive.

    For us, a presence for Ziebart at NADA means our company can meet with dealers from across the country and discuss potential partnership opportunities. One of the most effective ways our customers get Ziebart products on their new car or truck is through one of our U.S. franchises working with the dealership to provide seamless service. NADA provides an opportunity to find new ways to engage with dealerships, allowing customers to have their vehicle serviced with our paint protection products, undercoating or a variety of other services. This partnership ensures that their customers’ vehicles continue to look show room new. Dealerships also benefit from such partnerships as they open an additional revenue stream and diversify their offerings to their customers, two very important business components in today’s market.

    Our company’s booth at NADA provides a great opportunity for dealers, as well as general automotive enthusiasts, to speak with us about all of the great products and services we offer. We have designed our booth to be an easy source of information and discussion so come by, visit our Infused Hydration Station and find out more about what Ziebart is doing in 2014! Click here for a map of NADA – we are booth 4480 (in the upper right hand corner).

    If you will be attending NADA, let us know and we will set aside some time to talk with you about the opportunities Ziebart has to offer dealers nationwide. In the meantime, check out our website for more information about Ziebart at NADA.

    Read our latest NADA Press Release!

  • The North American International Auto Show & Ziebart

    by Z Team | Jan 21, 2014

    The 2014 North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) is creating quite a buzz in Detroit. While the NAIAS highlights are coming through the newswire, there are still new items to dive into each day. A staple event for auto enthusiasts fortunate enough to visit, NAIAS represents an unveiling of new thoughts and ideas about the future in cars and trucks and is a unique celebration of creativity that reflects how great vehicles have become (and will be).

    Some of the 2014 NAIAS highlights include:

    Grand Introductions
    NAIAS is more than just showing off future cars – it’s also about debuts. The 2014 auto show featured 50 vehicle introductions, bringing a significant amount of focus to the Motor City. Drawing thousands of journalists, this attention is great for the auto industry in the U.S., as well as allowing additional focus on unique innovations to be noticed from American manufacturers (like the Ford F150’s new aluminum body and GM’s best in class wins). 

    The NAIAS is a great learning experience for our team. Ziebart is granted early access to the vehicles during the industry preview days. Our team spends the entire time meticulously examining every vehicle and identifying how Ziebart can best protect each one.

    Breakthrough Technology
    Whether it is improved in-car audio or advanced transmissions, exciting new technology is being debuted at NAIAS. The show’s format allows for the innovators of these incredible advances to speak about these NAIAS highlights and the importance these improvements have in raising the bar within the auto industry. connotation 

    Practical Fixes to Everyday Problems
    An idea relevant to auto interiors at NAIAS is a new seat material aimed at avoiding life’s troubles. The new material is designed to prevent liquid spills from becoming future stains or smells. These seats will be a must-have for families with young kids (or clumsy adults). Until all seats can prevent a spill from becoming a problem, Ziebart has you covered with interior detailing solutions.

    If you are interested in attending NAIAS, tickets are available via their website. If you do attend, let us know what your NAIAS highlights were!

  • Four New Year’s Resolutions for your Vehicle

    by Z Team | Jan 14, 2014

    A new year presents new opportunities to get your vehicle looking and performing the way you have always wanted.

    If your goal in 2014 is to keep it cleaner, better protected or simply looking its best, we here at Ziebart are excited to provide you with some inspiration with four simple New Year’s resolutions for your vehicle.

    • Keep it clean and tidy. Place a small wastebasket on the floor in the passenger seat or backseat. Keeping a place for trash in your vehicle will help avoid small wrappers landing where they may, while also providing a reminder to empty it when others join you. Lining it with a simple plastic bag makes disposal easy as well. If you’re interested in keeping germs at bay, you may also want to consider getting Germ Defender treatments to keep your vehicle clean against items less visible (like bacteria!)
    • Maintain up-to-date records of vehicle’s history. Aside from being a great way to stay on top of key parts like air filters, fluid top offs, etc., well-kept vehicle maintenance records can help a potential buyer see the work that was done in the event you sell your car or truck in the future. If you have a newer vehicle, you may already get email alerts on this information.
    • Be proactive when it comes to protection. If your car or truck is a daily driver, getting additional undercoating and/or rust protection for your undercarriage is essential to avoid damage caused by moisture and road salt.  Billions of dollars are spent every year due to corrosion damage and new vehicle warranties have significant limits on what they will cover when it comes to rust.
    • Monitor your gas mileage to check performance. Sometimes the easiest way to discover a problem in your vehicle is by catching a drop-off in miles per gallon. While weather changes or shifts in your driving behavior can lead to a drop, knowing what you should be getting and following-up with a professional when your MPGs diminish is a great way to keep your car or truck running.


    These are just a few ways to get your vehicle looking and driving its best.  If your New Year’s resolution was about keeping your car or truck’s exterior looking as great as the day you bought it, visit your nearest Ziebart franchise to find out how we can help.
  • Tips to Prepare Your Car for the Holidays

    by Z Team | Dec 20, 2013
    With the busy holiday season upon us, it is likely that you and your family will be spending more time behind the wheel. With everything from multiple shopping trips to family gatherings, your vehicle is going to get its fair share of use.

    To help make the most of your time during the holidays, here are a few quick tips designed to prepare your car for the holidays and provide it with the attention it deserves:

    Make use of your space
    Depending on your vehicle of choice, space is likely a premium regardless of the time of year.  Having a clean trunk to transport gifts, and luggage will ensure a less stressful time in the car during the holidays. Keep the trunk clean and remove non-essentials out of the car.  The last thing you want to find yourself doing is playing Tetris with gifts in your trunk.

    Jump ahead of your service schedule
    Another way to prepare your car for the holidays is with a maintenance check-up. If your next oil change and/or service date is just around the corner, consider going in early to save yourself some time. This way, you will be able to steer clear of busy dealerships and service centers that might just be overbooked due to customers being on holiday break.

    Keep your fuel and fluids at full
    The final tip for preparing your car for the holidays is a quality tip for general winter driving: do not ride on empty. Anti-freeze, windshield wiper fluid and gas should remain full whenever possible. By keeping fluids topped off and staying above a quarter tank of gas at all times, you can avoid delays or, worse yet, costly vehicle problems.

    The holidays can be a stressful time, regardless of how much you have going on. Taking a little extra time to prepare your car for the holidays can help reduce the potential for problems and keep your car, and family, moving this winter.

  • How Can You Prevent Rust Damage in the Winter?

    by Z Team | Dec 13, 2013

    With a dip in temperature comes the inevitable: salt on the roads. While salt makes the roads safer, it can also do a number on your vehicle. Cars and trucks that are subject to road salt and other chemicals during the winter are susceptible to grime, paint damage and, worse, rust. But how can you prevent rust damage in the winter?


    The first way to avoid rust damage in the winter is through regular car washes. By focusing on washing your car weekly, you can help avoid the build-up of salt and other ice prevention chemicals on your car. One thing to note, though: make sure your car is dry after the wash before going back on the road. A wet car will collect salt and road grime easier than a dry one, sending all of your hard work down the drain.


    A second way to prevent rust damage in the winter is to remember rust can start from the inside. Be sure that any liquid spills or accumulation are taken care of before they become a problem. While carpets and mats can catch snow and water tracked into your car or truck, they may also allow water to get through to your vehicle’s floorboards. This can lead to rust problems from within. Make sure that your vehicle’s drain holes are not blocked up or clogged to ensure that any water passing through does not pool and begin creating rust damage in the winter months.


    Avoid rust damage altogether in the winter with our rust protection services. This process involves spraying our exclusive chemicals under your car or truck and in the places rust can accumulate, effectively insulating your vehicle from the harm salt and water accumulation can cause. We at Ziebart have been handling rust protection for decades and can help educate you on the important details regarding keeping your car free from damage.  Rust protection is the best way to prevent rust damage in the winter every year, and having your vehicle brought in for annual inspections is a great way to catch problems before they start.


    It is easy to forget that every road without ice this winter is likely covered in salts and chemicals that can be harmful for your vehicle. By being proactive in preventing rust damage in the winter, you can not only avoid unwelcome surprises in the spring but also help maintain your car or truck’s value for years to come. For more information on avoiding rust damage this winter, especially with our rust protection services, contact your local Ziebart franchise.
  • Stocking Stuffers for Car Lovers

    by Z Team | Dec 05, 2013

    If you have a loved one who enjoys all aspects of cars, you can probably use some holiday gift ideas that he or she would appreciate. Fortunately, there are car-related gifts for every budget and can be the ultimate stocking stuffer for car lovers. Check out some ideas for great presents that, while small, will be a big hit this holiday season:

    Help with Organization

    If you know someone who needs to organize his or her car a bit, consider buying a visor organizer to store everything from electronics to pens. Another small, extremely helpful organization item can be a coin organizer for the car. Items like these can be great for commuters who face tolls or unique change needs on a daily basis. If organization is a key gift concept, a great item for those who carpool or are looking for an advanced way of keeping things in order are accessories like the “Ultimate Mobile Desk” (but likely will not fit into a stocking!)  

    Gift Cards

    Many people like gift cards, and car lovers are no exception. If you think he or she has everything necessary for the car, buy a Ziebart gift certificate instead. Our gift certificates can be used for any number of things, including an assortment of protection and enhancement products that will blow the recipient away. You can pick up a Ziebart gift certificate online or in stores.

    Small Electronics

    Technology is ever-present these days, but that does not mean all cars are equipped with the newest gadgets. For example, if your family member doesn’t have a built-in GPS system and you can’t afford to put one in his or her stocking, consider buying an effective holder for their smartphone. A window mount can fit most smartphones, allowing the driver to place it within view such as on the windshield or dashboard while reading navigation instructions. Another great idea is a remote car starter, which can be a big help during the winter!

    Holiday gift giving can be difficult, and car fans can be especially difficult to shop for. While there are a lot of big ideas to make an impression, a fun stocking stuffer for a car lover can be just as big of a hit. For more information about our wide assortment of products aimed at making vehicles look and stay as great as they deserve to be, review the various products we offer.

  • Keeping a Clean Car During Winter

    by Z Team | Nov 26, 2013

    It is a fact; the colder months can wreak havoc on the appearance of your car. Whether you have leaves piling up in your floorboards or have seen the first signs of rock salt on your seats and mats, November through April pose an assortment of unique challenges to people looking to keep their car clean.

    So how does one keep their car clean during the winter? While some take the route of putting their car away in the garage for the season, there are some weekly efforts you can take on that will prevent winter stains:

    • Having a clean car during winter requires using a carwash regularly. There is no substitute to regular exterior maintenance with soap and water as they help remove accumulated salt and debris, all while giving your car a refreshed appearance. Whether you use a self-service wash or visit a car wash (avoid bristles and rollers!) is up to personal preference; if keeping a clean car during winter is a priority, you’ll need to get some suds on your vehicle often. Be sure to clean underneath the car, also, to avoid an accumulation of salt. Just be sure that your vehicle is completely dry before you attack the roads: a wet vehicle will simply catch and collect all of the road’s salt and dirt, undoing all of your hard work.
    • Invest in quality car mats. While new vehicles often come with decent mats, look into aftermarket options. Depending on what type of car or truck you drive, there are a lot of options available. Some companies offer molded mats keyed specifically to your vehicle that can help catch all of the debris from the outside. What’s more, having mats that can be easily removed, cleaned and reinserted helps avoid vacuuming or scrubbing from your To Do list.
    • Explore auto detailing for winter’s less forgiving stains. Whether it’s a coffee stain from a cold winter morning or salt stains from where child kicking the seat, there are a wide variety of stains that often emerge when the temperature drops. Our technicians have the tools to clean hard-to-reach areas in your console, seats and more, all while helping make your car look new in no time. 
    Keeping a clean car during winter is no easy task. Preventative measures like those above can help you in your pursuit of auto excellence and can easily be planned out ahead of time in order to keep yourself on a schedule. While looking ahead, be sure to check out our Cyber Monday Gift Certificate Special and give the gift of Ziebart this year, to the auto enthusiast in your life or yourself!
  • Remote Car Starter Information for Holiday Shopping

    by Z Team | Nov 19, 2013

    The change in seasons means a lot of things, including the fact that your morning commute may have gotten a bit more brisk. As the temperature drops, leaving your vehicle in the driveway may no longer be feasible, as opposed to the garage. What’s more, giving someone the gift of a warm car ready to go can be a great holiday idea. For these reasons, or for any number of others, finding quality remote car starter information may be your top priority.

    In order to ensure you’re getting everything you thought, it’s important to look past the sale circular’s purported price and understand the full price. All too often, once you request additional remote car starter information from the store, you’ll find the price listed does not include a wide assortment of features you’d consider essential, but are part of an upcharge.

    One significant part of the upcharge is in the capabilities of the system itself. With improved technology in today’s cars, there are new security features that must be accounted for with your starter. Hidden from many installers’ remote car starter information is clarity on whether this bypass comes with their ‘special price.’ In fact, the bypass to ensure your starter works and complies with new security systems can potential cost hundreds of dollars more. At Ziebart, this important component is included in any price we provide.

    Knowing which features will be unlocked during your installation is crucial because ‘common sense’ features are often part of the significant price increase beyond the ‘ad price.’ While Ziebart believes in the philosophy of “No Upsell, No Extras, No Hidden Fees,” competitors will use the low price to get customers in the door and then charge them for such features as:

    • Additional remote transmitters
    • Door lock and unlock
    • Trunk release
    • Panic button
    • Valet mode
    • Car locator

    These items are pretty simple expectations, but can quickly turn a claimed “$79 installed” process into hundreds of dollars, or more. By getting a full cost-breakdown of all these features when requesting remote car starter information from an installer, before you bring your car in, you can ensure you are getting everything you expect, not everything that comes at an affordable price.

    Another item to look into is transmitter range. While Ziebart builds into its remote starter pricing extended transmitter range, the remote you may be looking at may only reach 800 feet. When searching for your car on a cold winter night, this additional range may make all the difference between hopping into your warm car and wandering for an additional 20 minutes pressing heavily on the ‘horn’ button.

    Finally, but not least important, comes the safety features. Your remote starter should not leave you, or your car, feeling unsafe. One of the most important pieces of remote car starter information is if the set will do simple features like keep doors locked while the vehicle is running or kill the engine when the key isn’t in place and the break or accelerator are tapped. What’s more, your remote car starter should turn on the dome light when you do unlock the door for easy entry and to ensure the vehicle is empty before your drive.

    Since all these items highlighted are extremely important, Ziebart avoids the line-by-line customer selection and fully optimizes every install. When you call a Ziebart location and request remote car starter information and pricing, rest assured you are receiving an optimized system, ready to help you brave the winter in comfort.

    Now that you’re equipped with remote car starter information, have a look at our Cyber Monday deal taking place December 2nd to save money, and avoid stress, this holiday season. 
  • Cyber Monday 2013

    by Z Team | Oct 23, 2013
    We are continuing our annual Cyber Monday special this year on December 2nd, 2013. For every $50 you spend on Ziebart Gift Certificates, we will give you an additional $10 free! 


    Ziebart Gift Certificates are great for the car enthusiast in your life. 


    With our wide variety of products and locations, there is a Ziebart gift for all of your loved ones. This holiday season, give the gift of Ziebart!