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Have your vehicle looking like new with our Paint Restoration System

This is a top-of-the-line, high-gloss finish that reverses the effects of fading, oxidation, scratches, swirl marks, road salt and other damages done to the clear coat of your vehicle. Our process removes the imperfections in your clear coat, resulting in the shine that your vehicle had back when it was first manufactured.

We designed this product to last. Other methods of paint restoration feature short term solutions, such as cutting and polishing, which actually removes the clear coat from your vehicle in order to smooth out any blemishes. Our Paint Restoration System is revolutionary in how it restores the shine back into your vehicle. It's a restoration process that focuses on mimicking the clear coat of your vehicle, instead of removing it. If you're looking for the ultimate 1-2 punch, we recommend restoring your clear coat with our Paint Restoration System and locking in that shine with our new Ceramic Z-Gloss Paint Coating!

If that wasn't enough, our Paint Restoration System comes with a nationwide limited warranty and will not peel, flake, delaminate or crack after application. 

This is the next step in vehicle appearance protection services and we're proud to revolutionize the industry yet again.

Avoid the costly fix of having your vehicle repainted, by having our Paint Restoration System applied to your vehicle.

Get in on the ground floor and restore the shine today! 

Paint Restoration System - Auto Detailing




Our new Paint Restoration System is something you'll have to see for yourself. From start to finish, this 1999 Lincoln LS went from scratched and dull to looking like new!  

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