“In Business For Yourself, But Not By Yourself” Rings True With The Ziebart Dealer Marketing Committee.

“In Business For Yourself, But Not By Yourself” Rings True With The Ziebart Dealer Marketing Committee.

May 22, 2020

The Dealer Marketing Committee is made of a selected group of owners who show passion, innovation, and pride for the Ziebart franchise. This hard-working team is made up of multi-store owners and single-store owners, whose stores are located all over the United States. Some of our committee members have been with the system for five years or less, while some recently celebrated 40 years with our beloved brand. Whether it’s the owner who is about to hit their first million dollar year, to the owner who grosses over $10 million per year, this group comes to the table to work together to help continue the successful legacy of the Ziebart brand. 

Dealer Marketing Committee

A wide range of ideas are shared within this group. From brand positioning and advertising plans, to customer experience innovation via operations, this group puts the customer’s needs at the center of their planning. They know that if they can build a successful lifetime relationship with their customers, they will have a successful lifetime Ziebart franchise. Never resting on their laurels, this group is very active in staying connected and active in the verticals that define our business, such as Automotive, Car Dealers, Retail, Professional Detailing Associations, Window Film Associations, Franchising and more. They believe in staying ahead of the industry, to ensure their Ziebart franchise remains competitive and of value to their customers.

Passion is a fundamental principle of a Ziebart franchise owner. Becoming a part of a proven business model that allows you to get involved, is often one of the reasons we see so much interest in the Ziebart brand. One of the core values of the Dealer marketing Committee is collaboration. Agendas are discussed and agreed upon by the Home Office and members, to ensure the time spent is beneficial to growing and preserving the profitable business model. Whether in-person multiple days at the home office, to virtual one-off meetings, this team comes together with the goal of listening to learn about ways to move the business forward.

Dealer Marketing Committee

Owning a Ziebart franchise means you are a part of a winning team, even in hard times. And the team is the strongest when all players are heard. The Home Office staff recognizes and promotes this winning strategy to ensure our franchisees play a role in crisis management, product innovation, customer experience innovation, and more. The age-old statement of “being in business for yourself, but not by yourself” rings true with the Dealer Marketing Committee. By sharing best practices and test programs across this team, our franchisees have created multiple programs that have benefited all our 400 locations and 1200 processing centers across 37 countries.


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