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5 Father's Day Gift Ideas with Ziebart

May 30, 2014

Father's day is only a couple weeks away. While the desire to procrastinate and buy a last minute gift may be compelling, we urge you to make this Father's Day one to remember. Rather than another tie, bathrobe or coffee mug, get your dad a gift that he'll brag about for years to come.

  • Window Tint

    Is your dad "a character"? Is he witty, cool, sophisticated, and always the life of the party? Well, shouldn't his car reflect his unique personality? Window tint is a great way to add a little extra ounce of character and class to his car or truck. Not only will your dad look cool in his tinted vehicle, but he will also feel cool. Ziebart's window tint film provides superior heat and ultra violet ray rejection.

    Our window tint is precision cut by our patented Z-Cutting System® and expertly applied by our highly trained technicians. A window tint at Ziebart is guaranteed to never bubble or change color, and will keep his vehicle looking and feeling cool for years to come.

  • Vehicle Detailing

    Some of the dads out there might be a little messy. From the cup of coffee that spilled and dried into a sticky streak, to that bag of mulch that accidentally tore open and spilled in the trunk, to the mud caked to the outside from showing off his 4 wheel drive, his vehicle has probably seen better days.

    That's where the detailing experts at Ziebart come in. No matter how messy or dirty his car or truck has become, our detailing experts will meticulously clean every hard to reach surface, interior or exterior, so that it looks almost as good as the day it rolled off the lot.

  • Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film

    Maybe your dad is a perfectionist. The thought of a paint chip or scratch on his pristine beauty would be enough to move him to tears. You can prevent him from ever having to feel this heartache.

    Our newest product, Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film, is designed to protect a vehicle's paint from the scratches, nicks and chips of every day life. It's the thickest, and most optically clear film on the market, yet is pliable enough to cover highly curved surfaces. Z-Shield® Paint Protection Film is also precision cut by our patented Z-Cutting System® ensuring optimal coverage.

  • Sprayed-on Bed Liner

    If your dad works hard and plays hard, his truck probably does too. A Sprayed-on Bed Liner from Ziebart may be the perfect gift.

    An original Rhino-Lining® Sprayed-on Bed Liner will protect the bed of his truck no matter what he uses it for. Whether he's a hard working contractor or a weekend warrior, Ziebart and Rhino-Linings® has him covered.

  • Gift Certificate

    If you're still unsure of what to get him, then get him the ultimate gift: a Ziebart Online Gift Certificate. On June 5th, 2014 we will be holding our first ever Father's Day Special with our Online Gift Certificates. For every $50 you spend, you'll receive an additional $10 free! You work hard for your money, get more for it.

For more father's day gift idea's, contact your local Ziebart store and talk with one of our experts. With a Ziebart Father's Day present, you can rest assured that your dad will be bragging about his awesome gift for years to come!