Interior Protection 

Fabric and Vinyl / Plastic Protection - Your fabric is at risk each day from general wear and tear. At Ziebart we can safely protect your fabric from stains by sealing out unwanted materials. 


  • Applied to fabric upholstery, trim and carpet inside your vehicle
  • Resists oil, grease, and hot and cold liquid
  • Makes for easy cleanup of occasional spills
  • Helps to prevent upholstery wear
  • Helps to retain your upholstery's; color and appearance 

Leather Conditioning - Regular conditioning is critical to keeping your leather from cracking or fading. With Ziebart leather conditioning, you can keep your leather looking great for as long as you own your vehicle. 


  • Restores leather surfaces to a deep rich luster and soft feel
  • Helps to keep leather from fading or cracking due to sun and heat
  • One application lasts up to six months