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    by User Not Found | Jul 15, 2013


    Ziebart's window tint is guaranteed to never bubble or change color. All window film services are backed by a lifetime warranty - Click here to book your appointment today!




    by User Not Found | Jun 05, 2013

    Although there have be advancements in the technology of refining and treating steel for the use in automobiles, the introduction of galvanization decades ago, and less metal parts on automobiles…they still do rust. The simple fact remains that steel is still the metal of choice for the production of automobiles and has a tendency to rust when introduced to a wet, salty, and humid environment. Although many people believe that with the introduction of galvanized steel the problem of rust was solved, T\the truth is that the galvanization process does slow the process but it can’t stop it, and here is why.

    First, the galvanization process is usually done prefabricated, say in sheets. Once these sheets are bent or welded, the galvanization coating can come off at the bend and welds. Where is this most prevalent? The bottom of your doors, which anyone can tell you is usually the first place rust is noticed.

    Second, the coating can and does wear off eventually. Through normal wear and tear and weather conditions, the coating will wear off and leave the steel exposed.

    The solution is rust protection by Ziebart. This coating not only covers exposed area but penetrates bends, seams, and other areas not protected during the manufacturing process, like the inside of the doors. (where do you think all that water on your window goes when you roll down your window?). And since Ziebart rust protection is touched up and reapplied where needed annually, it won’t wear off since it is constantly updated. Even if a small stone or debris knocks a small piece off, it is self-sealing.

    The question is, how long do you plan to own your car? If you are like most, you will drive it for eight years or more. To keep it looking great and protecting key areas from rust, Ziebart rust protection is the way to go.


    by User Not Found | May 29, 2013

    Ziebart’s paint protection film is the industry leader in quality, clarity, and durability. But paint film quality doesn’t mean much if it’s not installed correctly. That’s why not only are Ziebart professional installers trained and certified to install paint protection film; we use the latest technology to ensure the best fit for your specific vehicle.

    Introducing the Z-Cutting System! This cutting system accesses a database of over 10,000 vehicles and their specific patterns for front bumpers, mirrors, hood tips, splash guards, and more. With those patterns we use a high-tech plotter to cut the film to the pattern of your specific make and model of vehicle. This ensures a perfect fit every time. The alternative is to put film on your car and then cut it while on your car. Paint and clear coat are not as thick as they used to be the likelihood of accidentally cutting into your paint is high. We’re not saying it can’t be done with a very skilled hand, but why take the risk when you can have a pattern cut out that fits your vehicle perfectly ensuring the maximum area is covered. This is especially true with very complex front ends with all their vents, grills, lights, and so on.  The more complex the front end, the more the Ziebart Z-Cutting System is needed to ensure a perfect fit.


    by User Not Found | May 22, 2013

    Ziebart Paint Protection Film is superior to our competitors in all areas! But in the area of thickness no one comes close. Ziebart Paint Protection Film is 8 mils thick (a mil is a thousandth of an inch for those of us non-scientific types). Just for comparison sake, typical window tint film is about 1.5 mils thick. Since the purpose of paint protection film is to protect your vehicle paint against abrasion and chips, it only makes sense that the thicker the film, the greater the protection; and no one offers greater paint protection than Ziebart Paint Protection Film.

    How do we know that Ziebart Paint Protection Film offers the best protection? We proved it. Ziebart Paint Protection Film went through rigorous testing, simulating harsh weather and driving conditions to determine how well it protects automotive paint. It was subjected to an accelerated weatherometer test (yes, that’s a real test). The results, after a simulated 4.5 years of exposure were that it had no damage or discoloration. Then we subjected it to the gravelometer test (that’s a real test too, Google it if you don’t believe us). The results were no chipping, and it scored a 10 out of 10. We also put our competitor’s film through the same testing, and let’s just say they didn’t do very well and leave it at that.

    Ziebart Paint Protection Film provides the best protection because it’s the best film, and that’s a fact.


    by User Not Found | May 07, 2013

    Remember those cars from the ‘70s and ‘80s with those ugly leather front end bras? They were designed to protect the paint job on cars from chips and scratches due to road debris, and keep the car’s paint looking great. The only problem was in the process of keeping the paint looking great the car looked terrible thanks to this ugly black leather vehicle bra.

    Ziebart now offers a new solution to this age old problem - Ziebart Paint Protection Film. Paint protection film is a protective film that is applied to your vehicle's most vulnerable painted areas to prevent debris from physically damaging your paint. Or another way to put it is it’s like the screen protector for your smart phone, only for your car. Nearly invisible to the eye, Ziebart paint protection film provides tough, clear paint protection. 

    For decades, automotive manufacturers have been making paints thinner to reduce costs and environmental concerns have led to less durable water based paints. These paints are easily chipped and scratched right down to the metal surface even under normal driving conditions. Without protection, these chipped areas not only look terrible, but open the door to possible surface rust. The result - your vehicle looks terrible and the resale value plummets.

    Ziebart Paint Protection Film is a great way to protect your investment, keep your vehicle looking great, and provide you with piece of mind while driving.

    by User Not Found | Apr 10, 2013

    Check out what one of our satisfied fans said about our new Ziebart Paint Protection Film and our exclusive Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection. The following was taken from a post by forum member SSRS55 on the Camero5 forum. Click here to view the entire post or join the discussion.

    “This morning I woke up and it was actually dry, in the forties and the sun was shining. So immediately I thought what a good day it would be to take advantage of using my $1,000 gift certificate at Ziebart. I immediately called them and asked them if that could happen and by my surprise they said sure (figuring you needed to make an app.), so I washed up quick and headed up. Upon arrival I spoke to the manger Amber who was excellent, we started to discuss what parts would be covered in my protective film (Front fascia, fenders, rockers, pillars, roof, splash guards and mirrors)... and then she explained other services to me, one being the Diamond Gloss paint protection and how it's a paint protectant that will allow me to never have to wax my car again and it lasts 10 years WITHOUT reapplying, it protects against Bugs, Sap, Acid Rain, and other harmful airbornes that may land on your car and best part is it's guaranteed as well, WOW I was immediately interested and then once she told me how much it cost and what she would give it to me for, since I was already buying the film I immediately wanted it. Next she began to tell me about a interior service/coating that they apply it's an adhesive that binds to the whole interior to protect it against pre mature wear in the leather, stains, fading, etc..again for the price that she gave me I was sold. Now I promised I wouldn't disclose the amounts that I paid because of the great deals that I got but let’s just say my package retailed for over 3K and I didn't even come NEAR that!!

    Now what happen next.... my wife shortly arrived to pick me up and me skeptical of leaving my baby behind but didn't want to wait there for 7 hours decided to leave and accompany my wife and kids to the mall (one of the biggest malls in the U.S.)...well to make a long story short we had a great day forward to about 4:30 and I get the call that I was awaiting all day, They called and said it was done and it came beautiful, I was pumped and we left the mall immediately and headed over. When I got there I sent the wife and kids on their way and told them I would meet up with them shortly at home, gave them a kiss and headed inside, upon going inside I see my car backing out of one of the bays. It was the shop foreman pulling it out, I went outside quickly to inspect, when I was walking up to it, it looked gorgeous, vibrant and super shinny I was very pleased. Once I got closer I started to inspect every inch of it and noticed the film was perfect, almost everywhere but the front fascia, there was air bubbles in some of it and a couple little areas where dirt got trapped. I was immediately starting to get mad and then the foreman replied no worries will take care of it. Hear it s 5 o'clock and Ziebart is closed and I am not coming back up here, it's an hour away...long story short the manager Amber and Foreman stayed and finished the job. He got every section perfect and believe me it was perfect and I was treated very, very good. They were very apologetic and said that they couldn't believe it was let go that way. I was understanding but it was a little ridiculous that I didn't end up leaving till 7:30, 2 and half hours sucked but it was perfect and I was happy. Reason being I know this is very tedious stuff and frustrating so unfortunately those two ingredients equal human error. But no biggy it was fixed and it was to my liking and they were great and fun to hang out with. Also before I left the manager gave me $100 dollar gas card for my inconvenience on top of my excellent deal I got already..So that was Awesome obviously.

    End result is a grade of an A for Ziebart and an A+++ for the product, Ziebart would have got an A+ but hey they screwed up still and there is no perfect grades for screw ups...

    Anyways overall I'm very, very satisfied and glad I got this protection done. The feeling I had was just awesome on the way home on the Thru- way near other cars/trucks/semis, just knowing it was protected, all I can say is TOTAL PIECE OF MIND.... I would honestly say It's gotta be one of the most beneficial, cost worthy mods you can do and should do if you love your baby like I do, and also have the cash of course to shell out..
    Sorry for the long write up but I know some of you will really enjoy this write up (SPIKE!!!)

    P.s. The film is very uniform and all in whole large pieces and not choppy at all. It's hard to see but if you know it's there you can obviously see it faintly.
    This doesn't bother me at all and because I had professionals do it, it all lines up beautifully with the seams of the car and whatever you do see looks like it came from the factory that way!

    Couple pics of her beautiful shine, Enjoy!!”


    by Eric Avery | Oct 16, 2012
    Ziebart, the worldwide leader in automotive detailing, protection films, and vehicle appearance protection will be showcasing their master franchise opportunity at the Polish Franchise Expo in Warsaw, October 18 - 20, 2012. The event is taking place at the Palace of Culture and Science in the center of Warsaw and is the only event in franchise business in Poland.

    Ziebart International Corporation operates in 30 countries, including Europe and the Middle East, and is expanding into Poland and surrounding countries by meeting with qualified investors who want to own the rights to a master franchise license. “These individuals see the growth potential to develop sub-franchise networks within their own countries,” states Thomas E. Wolfe, President and CEO.

    “30 countries have joined the Ziebart master franchise licensed group; being part of this group certainly holds its own rewards,” states Wolfe. “For over 53 years, we have awarded only a select group of business professionals from around the world to become part of this distinct level of ownership. These individuals demonstrated the necessary business skills and clear vision to become successful master franchisees. We are currently working with the US Department of Commerce in several countries, which will allow other countries to join our master franchise owners. The opportunity for global expansion includes Azerbaijan, Malaysia, and Singapore, based on the existing consumer demand for Ziebart’s diversified product and service offerings”.

    Ziebart offers superior proprietary products and services to enhance and protect the appearance of vehicles and offers a diverse business model in growing industries. Specializing in professional automotive detailing, window and paint protection films, fabric and rust protection, sprayed-on bed liners, glass repair, scratch repair and accessories, Ziebart is recognized as the No. 1 franchise in the automotive appearance services category by Entrepreneur magazine, and is also ranked as one of America’s Top Global Franchises.

    Ziebart International Corporation is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, representing a global franchise network of vehicle appearance and protection services for over 53 years. The company was founded on rustproofing in 1959 and currently operates 400 locations in 30 countries with over 800 processing centers worldwide. Ziebart is the world’s leading name in automotive services that protect, preserve and enhance the appearance of cars and trucks.For franchising information, visit Ziebart International or call toll free 1-800-877-1312.


    by Eric Avery | Oct 04, 2012

    Ziebart International Corporation announced the 2011 New North American Dealer of the Year at their North American Dealer Seminar in Chicago, IL. This prestigious recognition by the corporation was awarded to the new franchise dealer that exhibited the best overall execution of the Ziebart business format. The award went to Ziebart of Lansing owned and operated by Robert Golub of Lansing.

    The award was presented by President and CEO, Thomas E. Wolfe in recognition of outstanding customer satisfaction, product diversification, sales performance, overall store décor, and marketing and advertising contributions that successfully promote the brand.

    Golub joined the Ziebart franchise system as an owner in August 2010 and has since grown his store sales year-over-year by over 10%. He consistently contributes his success to his hardworking, loyal team at the store.

    Ziebart International Corp. is headquartered in Troy, MI, representing a global franchise network of vehicle appearance and protection services for over 50 years. The company was founded on rust protection in 1959 and operates 400 locations including 800 processing centers in 30 countries. Ziebart is the world’s leading name in automotive services that renew, protect, preserve and enhance the appearance of cars and trucks. Once known for just rust protection, Ziebart now offers a full line of appearance and protection services for both the interior and exterior of vehicles, including professional detailing, paint protection films, sprayed-on bed liners, automotive glass repair, window tint, truck accessories, electronic systems and scratch repair services. For products, services and location information, visit For franchising information, visit

    Pictured L to R:

    Senior Vice President Ziebart Int. Corp, Michael A. Pino

    Owner Ziebart of Lansing, Robert Golub

    President and CEO Ziebart Int. Corp, Thomas E. Wolfe